Court mandated counselling.

Court Related Mandated Counselling Anger

The beginning of help. Court mandated counselling.

One-on-one Individual Court Related Therapy

With over 15 years of experience, our counsellors will work with the individual to ensure they meet the requirements of the court while working closely with their lawyers.  

We build a customized therapy program to address the specific charges.  Upon completion of the program, a comprehensive court-recognized report will be provided to your lawyer indicating your progress and achievements.

The number of sessions ranges from 6 – 10 based on the nature of the charge and various factors. Many key components are considered upon our consultation to create a customized program that is proven to assist in the best possible outcome.

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closed group 6-Week Anger Management

We are strong advocates of the impact group therapy can have, particularly for court-mandated individuals on their journey of personal growth and overcoming challenges. Our sessions provide an open and relatable space, fostering a supportive environment where members can freely engage in honest discussions, explore effective coping methods, cultivate emotional resilience, and enhance communication techniques.

Community fosters change, and a positive community is what all our counsellors aim to achieve with court mandated group therapy.

One-day program Anger Management Workshop

For minor charges, a comprehensive workshop is the most suitable option. It encompasses all aspects of anger, including triggers, effective communication, and proper conflict management techniques. The workshop also provides clear guidelines on what to do and what to avoid during conflict situations.

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