Pricing & Insurance


The cost of counselling services are based on an hourly rate and represent the average cost for therapy across Canada. Fees will be discussed with your counsellor during the initial “meet and greet”.

Payment can be made by Interac e-transfer.  An official receipt will be provided upon payment.



Services may also be covered by a client’s workplace Extended Health Care benefits program, or through an individual’s private health insurance plan.  These benefits may often also apply to a plan member’s spouse and/or children, depending on the policies of the applicable plan.

Coverage under these plans are often capped at a pre-determined financial amount per year.  To determine eligibility for coverage, please consult your (or your family member’s) policy guidelines for details, or obtain a written copy of the policies and discuss with the counsellor in advance of service.  Some plans require pre-approval of coverage prior to commencement of service.

If you do not have extended health care coverage, counselling services provided by a registered social worker within Ontario, Canada can be claimed as a medical expense tax deduction when you file your income tax return under “medical practitioner” (please consult your accountant).