Court Mandated Counselling

Experience & Excellence
"When people face difficult or challenging times they look for help. Helping and supporting people is my passion" - Mark Atia

Counselling specifically directed to the following charges:

  • Domestic assault
  • Assault causing bodily harm
  • Drug-related
  • Over 80
  • Impaired driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Theft under
  • Shoplifting
  • Fraud under
  • Harassment within a workplace setting

What You’ll Learn

Through tailored therapeutic dialogue, in a confidential, safe and non-judgmental space, you will learn life skills.  Often your charge is just a departure for our individualized counselling. After the program, you will learn to be insightful, reflective and self-aware.  You will also gain concrete coping strategies to aid in current areas of concern.  The goal of this program is not only to fulfil the court’s requirements but to help you build on your strengths and attain personal goals.


You may reach us directly or your attorney may get you in touch with us for our services.  We will then schedule a time when we can further discuss your needs.

This is our first meeting via video conference.  We discuss your incident and a suitable therapy program that meets your needs and the requirements of the court.

We will meet once a week via online video conference and address the topics related to the areas of concern.

Once the therapy is completed, a detailed report will be provided about your progress in the program.

Court Recognized Reports

A distinguishing component of the program is a detailed report that positively speaks to your personal growth and progress.  Mark Atia’s 10-year experience and reputation with the courts has led to professional and recognizable reports.  The reports satisfy the courts’ demands while maintaining a balance of client confidentiality.  The report as said by lawyers is an integral tool for the betterment of your case in front of the crown and courts.